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01 - Mar - 2014  Career test assement on Cocubes for final year students   :: 31 - Dec - 2013  Even Semester Back and Special Exam Registration within 04.01.2014   :: 02 - Nov - 2013  Attention final year students!! "Create your database for Placement Cell by using the link mentioned. "https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1x-lIAttA1enoUAsJG7r9RmrofhPKP3W6QwA5Kf19iGw/viewform"  


SL No. Tender No. Tender Name View Details
  1. No. GCEK/300 Supply of Equipments for different Laboratories under Electrical Engineering Dept      View
  2. GCEK/Proc./106 Tender for supply of wooden furniture for the Laboratories      View
  3. GCEK/Proc./105 Tender for various labs of ME, CSE and CE      View
  4. GCEK/Proc./103 Tender for Labs of CSE/ME/CE      View
  5. GCEK/Proc./102 Supply of Lab equipments for different Labs of Electrical Engg Dept.      View
  6. No:GCEK/Proc./101 Tender Notice for Basic Electronics Lab and Basic Electrical Engg. Lab.      View
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